Positive thoughts, positive words, positive actions.

To the Universe:
"Show us what we need to see, help us say what it can benefit others to hear, help us to live our truth from our hearts and help us to know that truth."

Today I choose...
positive thoughts,
positive words,
positive actions.

These Alex and Ani Bangles are a stylish reminder for me to keep it positive. I love that the company offers eco-friendly positive energy products, that let the wearer express their individuality in an organic spiritual way.  For my first 2 I chose the "A" in the russian gold finish and the oyster because 1. The world IS my oyster - see my bio. 2. They're one of my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE foods :p 3. I love what they represent: Truth, Rebirth, Purity, Inner Beauty - everyday, every minute, every breath is a new opportunity to live my truth with love, joy, & grace. I can't wait to collect more and have an arm full of beautiful positivity.