Alexie's recent adventures...

Adding Producer to her list of credits - Check out and Follow the new webisode series she co-produced and acted in as "Celeste" @BoundariesTV.                         Watch her in Episode 4 and be sure to follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook, and ALL 8 EPISODES ON YouTube

Expanding horizons - Alexie is honored to be Hosting (as well as judging) for America's Greatest Dance Competition - Showstoppers Dance Competition this coming 2018 season traveling nationally from February - July across cities in the US! 

She got to dance with the incredible Kelly Clarkson for her "Love So Soft" MV directed by the one and only Dave Meyers,                                                      choreographed by the incredible team Nick Florez & RJ Durrell 

She's at it again - dance with Alexie on Showstopper Dance Convention where her classes have been hailed as "enlightening", "inspiring", and "absolutely fun!"

Look for Alexie dancing on the Thuy Nga Paris By Night 124 DVD Out Now!

Check out Showstoppers Dance Competition where Alexie choreographed the Opening numbers for                                                                                                    Northern Finals (Sandusky, OH) and South Eastern Finals (Orlando, FL)

Alexie is honored that she will be judging for Showstoppers Dance Competition "America's Greatest Dance Competition" (a competition she herself grew up competing in) this upcoming 2017 Season - she can't wait to help the young talent grow even more

Dance with Alexie on Showstoppers Dance Convention for the 2016-2017 Season 

Catch Alexie as a recurring dancer on Thuy Nga Paris By Night live shows and DVDs - they just finished taping PBN 120 and will be filming PBN 121 in Dec 2016

Judged at Gravity Dance Challenge opposite Sean Cheeseman for a week long dance competition Showtime Dance Promotions in Calgary, Alberta Canada 

Danced for the Debbie Allen & Norman Lear Tribute on TVLAND's 1st ICON AWARDS, choreographed by Marguerite Derricks

Straight to book on a commercial directed by Michael Chaves

Skills behind the camera!  Alexie was the cinematographer for "Competitive Friends" Short Film now on IMDB and selected for the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2016 (produced written, and starring Jaki Nelson and Breann Johnson)

Booked the role of "Stacey" on the web-series pilot "Friends in the City"

Alexie starts her own ath-leisure clothing line: Live Your Art Collective.  Buy, wear, and share inspiration from her by attending Showstoppers Dance Convention

Dance with Alexie and get inspired on Showstoppers Dance Convention this upcoming 2015-2016 Season! 

Judged a week long dance festival for Showtime Dance Promotions in Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada 

At it again, Alexie gets to share her love of dance with young artists judging for Showtime Dance Promotions in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Canada

It has been a incredible journey dancing for GLEE the past 3 seasons!  Check out the epic final performance with Vocal Adrenaline on FOX's GLEE!!

Alexie will be dancing with Vocal Adrenaline "Far From Over" on FOX's GLEE directed by the notable Anthony Hemingway who also directed for shows such as Empire, Newsroom, and Shameless! 

Catch Alexie dancing with Vocal Adrenaline "Shot Through the Heart" on FOX's GLEE Season 6 at 9/8c.  She'll be appearing in 2 more episodes before the series finale.

Booked and shot ESPN College Bowls Promo directed by Brian Beletic

Taught for Showstoppers Dance Convention in Sandusky, Ohio

Feature Film "Empress Vampire" picked up for domestic distribution, she appears as Vampire Dancer Xue

Taught for Showstoppers Dance Convention in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Attended Playhouse West Film Festival 

Dancer for Paris By Night 111 at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Judged a week-long dance festival for Showtime Dance Promotions in Lethbridge, Canada

Performed in Graduation Improv Show for the Upright Citizen's Brigade

Taught for Showstoppers Dance Convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Appeared on "Glee" Season 5 with Pitch Perfect's Skylar Astin

Shot McDonald's "Fashion" Commercials for Pumpkin Spice Latte & White Chocolate Mocha (Asia)

Guest dance spot on the hit web-series "Side Effects" choreographed by Lindsey & Craig